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> YANQUI courts were ALWAYS   K A N G A R O O   Courts  -  thats how
> they carried out GENOCIDE of NATIVES !!!

You're stupid as well as biased.

"Yanqui" courts are as just as any, and as unjust as many others,
but at least our system is (mostly) open to public view, and corrupt
officers and judges are rooted out.

Native Americans used to bring bows and arrows to gunfights, and

Then they learned to bring lawyers, and win.

Tell us how "fair" courts in Europe deal with "Ethnic Cleansing".

Tell us how "fair" courts in the Middle East deal with religious

Tell us how "fair" courts in China, Cuba, and other "Communist"
regimes deal with political dissenters.

Tell us how "fair" courts in Africa handle people belonging to the
wrong tribe.

Mark L. Fergerson