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Thanks for the help Chip but it didn't do any good, "ANY" was already
choosen in the allow list. When I right click on a highlighted cell(s) and
click on format, the format box pops up. If I try to click on any of the
tabs they cannot be used message comes up. I have removed and reinstalled
Office 2007 with no changes. If I start a new spread sheet and try to put
boarders around my cells, the program will not let me having the above
message pop up. Basically I cannot use Excell right now. Any other ideas?


"Chip Pearson" wrote:

> It sounds like there is a Data Validation constraint on the cell(s).
> Select the cell, choose Validation from the Data menu, and see what
> values are allowed You can either conform your entry to the constraint
> or you can remove the validation constraint by choosing Any in the
> Allow list in the Validation dialog.
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> On Fri, 12 Mar 2010 13:59:01 -0800, JLB
> <JLB(a)> wrote:
> >I have been trying to format cells and when I do, this message pops up:
> >"Your entry cannot be used. An integer or decimal number may be required." I
> >am also having problems with formulas I already had in place. Anytime I try
> >to change anything in a spread sheet this message pops up. It pops up in a
> >new spreadsheet or one I already have in place. Any ideas.
> .