From: Tony on
I'm having trouble getting to gmail messages. I can access my googlemail
account through imap with no problems, that's an old one. The problem is
trying to get to my current gmail account, which is actually
tony(a) The page shows up as and I can't see how to get at it.

mail = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL(', 993)
mail.login(username, password)

logs me in to my googlemail account and lets me collect mail in that one,
but how do I get to the gmail one?

From: Intchanter / Daniel Fackrell on
From: Tony on
Intchanter / Daniel Fackrell wrote:



Actually I had a sudden inspiration last night as I went to bed. I'd set
up Thunderbird, all I needed to do was use the same full host(a)domain as the
username. Stupid, stupid - I'd wasted so much time and it was so simple.
I will remember it though.

Now to figure out the rest of it.