From: Justin P. mattock on
I've noticed in efifb.c that there is no
entry for MacbookPro2,2 and iMac9,1

I've spent the last few days looking into this, but
had no luck i.g. finding the physical address
of the framebuffer seems a bit tricky for my knowledge.

I do have these machines, if it's possible I'd like to
add these machines, but need info on what/where I might
find these addresses to add to efifb.c
} dmi_list[] = {
[M_MB] = { "macbook", 0x80000000, 2048 * 4, 1280, 800 },

I've tried punching in random numbers, but came to the conclusion
that in order to run grub efi, and or elilo I would
have to change some things(partition).

Any info would be appreciated and/or I can supply
info to somebody etc...

Justin P. Mattock
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