From: John H Meyers on
On Sat, 25 Aug 2007 01:41:53 -0500, elly wrote:

> just got my new 50g, enough with experimenting with the emulator

Just a thought -- it's possible to keep your calculator
and your emulator "in sync" by doing "backup" in one,
and "restore" on the other, using either SD card or cable
to transfer the backup between calc and computer.

Since most externally acquired programs arrive first
into your computer from the internet, and since perhaps
some find it easier to type and edit their own programs
on a big computer keyboard and screen, it's possible to start out
installing all on emulator, then via SD card to calculator.

The emulator also recovers even more instantly from any crashes
while experimenting, via Edit > Backup > Save
(copies entire calc RAM to another PC RAM area)
and Edit > Backup > Restore
(instantly return to last "memory checkpoint," even undoing TTRM :)
which may be profitable when debugging SysRPL
or trying out experimental stuff.

File > Save stores calc RAM to hard disk instead, but then you have to
re-open saved file from hard disk to recover, so what I've chosen for
my own strategy is to keep a more "permanent" calc state saved on disk,
and use the additional "save in PC RAM" feature
to checkpoint and instantly restore while experimenting and debugging.


TTRM is the calc analog of "BSOD" in Windows, meaning
"Try To Recover Memory?" (but it's usually too late)

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