From: rfengineer55 on
Hello Group:

I realized that part of my response to Alois, I got crossed up in my
head with something from another member here. The following should not
have been sent to Alois:

<And BTW, I do not appreciate sarcasm in a professional setting.
is nothing about /VMS that is hard for me to understand. I'm
apparently having trouble conveying the idea that I'm having trouble
knowing exactly where in the Visual Studio 2008 software that this
option switch belongs. The professional thing for you to have done
would be to give a hint as to where /VMS goes. >

This mistake was mine, and it was made because of my own lack of
attention to detail. I am truly sorry for making this mistake, and I
humbly ask that Alois and the members here forgive me for making this
mistake. I will, from this point on, read twice anything that I
comment on. That way, I won't respond to the wrong list member.

I am also sorry if my frustration is coming off onto you. That is
certainly my intent, because my frustration is my own issue, and if
it's anyone's fault, it's mine. My reason for mentioning that I'm
frustrated is so that you won't take anything I might say personally.

I do have my opinions about software vendors and documentation and
support they provide. I am not going to apologize for those. I am
entitled to those opinions, and you are entitled to yours. You are
also entitled to completely disagree with me, and that's fine. A
differing opinion however, is not a measure of professionalism. I
expect stellar documentation and phone support in interest of my time.
That's simply what I expect. I don't get that sometimes, and I pick
my vendors accordingly. That's the way I am, and if you're different,
there's nothing wrong with that.

If I did not respect the membership here, and the suggestions that you
folks have to offer, I would not be here, in interest of my time and
yours. Thanks again for looking over my AMdist.for project.


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