From: Etienne Lorrain on
There is a new version v2.8.2 of the Gujin bootloader at and sourceforge with bugfixes and improvements, and

Debian/Fedora packages for easy installation on i386/amd64 PC.

The major improvements are the possibility to review/edit the final

command line of the Linux kernel when selecting by Shift-F1..Shift-F12

or holding the shift key when selecting with the mouse; recognition

of Rock Ridge on ISO9660, and the direct booting of unmodified live

CDROM images stored in /boot or in the top-level of a partition by

automagically adding one of:

"from=" for CD images with label "NimbleX*"

"fromiso=" for CD images with label "sidux*" and "Elive*"

"root=live:LABEL=...:/" for CD images with label "Fedora*", "F1*",

"rhel*", "CentOS*"

"iso-scan/filename=" for any other (debian/ubuntu derivatives)

The correct commandline for those live CD images is provided

by a "distributed" file named "gujin.cmd" (i.e. all files found

with this name are concat'ed and then treated), a real world example

is in the source and install archive.

It would be nice if live-cdrom author would create a file

named gujin.cmd in the directory of the kernel containing:

::vmlinu*:initr*::name to appear on Gujin menu:essential command line parameters

::vmlinu*:initr*::alternative name:alternative parameters

The file "changelog.wri" in the source archive describes many other

modifications, fixing a lot of bugs.

Downloads at:

Have fun,


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