From: R.. Kumar on
> I just did search on github and found this :
> by Dave Copeland.
> Looks pretty good. I am about to give it a spin.

Okay, I just ran it a bit. Looks good. You might consider trying the
presentation (link above) and seeing if it helps you.

From the docs

What this doesn't give you:

* A way to indicate required flags
* A way to indicate a required argument or required number of
* A way to do default switches to 'true' and therefore accept things
like --no-force
* A way to have repeated flags turn into an array or other
type-transforming things

What this gives you:

* A reasonably useful help system. your_program help will list all
the global options and commands (along with command aliases) and
your_program help command_name will list help for that given command.
* Error handling when flags do not receive arguments or unknown
flags or switches are given
* Error handling when an unknown command is specified
* Default values for flags if they are not specified by the user
(switches all default to false)
* An easy way to allow location-specific defaults for options via a
config file for your app
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