From: Woody Peterson on
> >> "\a" == "\007"
> I'd guess you should be writing tests to verify instead of eyeballing
> it.

In Ruby "\a" == "\007", but when my integration test (incorrectly)
converted the binary into escape sequences before sending it to erlang,
*then*, in erlang, <<"\a">> =/= <<"\007">> (not-equal, and I have
learned this is because Erlang uses the basic C set of character
encodings, while Ruby uses the ANSI C encodings, which differ in at
least this respect). So in my tests erlang -> ruby would work, but ruby
-> erlang wouldn't work, and tests confirmed this to be due to character
encoding differences (how I knew to ask the question). Those differences
are verifiable, although the whole point is moot (and I feel stupid for
asking because I should have been testing via binary in the first place
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