From: rizwanahmed24 on

here is my problem.

i want to install a program through python script. The python scripts
is called from a batch file. The UAC control is not allowing the
python script to install a msi (installer). I need to somehow by pass
the UAC control. i dont want to turn it off permanently. Once i have
run the batch file, i do not interact with the system manually,
therefore Clicking allow on UAC dialog is not the solution for me.

i just want to achieve the goal, whether i run batch file in Admin
mode, or do it form python, doesnt matter.
any ideas?

From: Michel Claveau - MVP on
Hi !

Install a resident soff (script) by task-planified, in Administrator
rights. Then, call this script from current work, for bypass UAC.

Michel Claveau
From: rizwanahmed24 on

Hi Michel. what is this 'resident soff' script, i cannot find it on
google. Secondly if i was to install something in admin mode, then i
would have installed the application i want to install. The actual
problem is that i dont want to manually run something with admin
rights and install.
still havent got the solution