From: rex on
first i had a problem in client system in loggging into domain i
disjoined from the domain and rejoin the the client is able to
login the domain account.but client system is not appearing under domain in
the network places but in the active directory users and computers client is
there.and also i could not managed that client computer.error comes "
computer management : the computer cannot be managed.the network was not
found". plz give the solution.
From: Alexander V. Alexeev on

First off I'd check if the client PC's essential Services.msc are set to
Auto start and not disabled. The likes of: Computer Browser, Server,
Workstation and Remote Procedure Call.

Secondly, if it's a Win XP SP2 box then check the Windows Firewall if it is
set to allow as Exceptions access to File and Sharing in Windows Networks.
Windows Firewall alone can prevent remote management of the PC using MMC, so
investigate perhaps loosening the settings a bit via domain GPO for instance
you can specify LAN subnet as a range where firewall settings would be less

If it's an earlier version of Windows then see if any third-party firewall
product has it locked down.

Such problems could also occur cause of incorrect DNS settings, but since
the machine managed to rejoin the domain I guess they're okay.