From: Gary Smith on
As covered, the pipe probably isn't what I want to do. Looking into the advanced content filter, these seems two paths; execute a script as a process from postfix (spawn) or setup a simple proxy indepdenent of postfix. Either one would probably work.

In either case, spawn or proxy, is it possible to pass the sasl_username forward? I don't need to know the full credentials, just the username associated if there is one. I know using the pipe method there are several things that it can do that it appears the other two can't, or am I just reading it wrong.

I did look into xforward but it doesn't seem to pass the sasl_username.


From: Gary Smith on
> Just make sure to close stdout and stderr, to avoid writing garbage
> into the pipe between Postfix and the filter, used to collect filter
> error messages.
> With this level of complexity, you really should use the advanced (SMTP)
> filter approach not pipe(8) based filters.


After spending the last couple evenings looking at options to replace the filter, I have managed to kludge together a working sample in my development environment and it definitely looks more promising than the filter without adding too much complexity to the development process.

I was actually surprised to how quickly, given some sample code out there, it was to put in place an smtp proxy.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the direction.


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