From: Milan Broz on
On 07/26/2010 03:06 PM, Nils Radtke wrote:
> That's what I tried and failed gloriously. I'm trying to revive my memory about the
> situation: fs could be unmounted, however, the cryptsetup luksClose failed (IRC) and
> therefore the dmsetup remove consequently failed also.

So instead of "cryptsetup luksClose" use dmsetup remove for crypt device too
(There was a bug in some version of cryptsetup which failed close if underlying device
disappeared, should be fixed in >=1.1.2, anyway "dmsetup remove" is low-level equivalent.)

Also see man page and "dmsetup remove -f" flag.

The usb device reinitialization is separate problem, maybe someone can help if you provide
more logs.

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