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On behalf of the Community Council, I would like to announce the new round of elections for the Council and start the process by asking the Community members to nominate those they think would best contribute both to the Council and to You may nominate yourself.

Consider doing that. Or nominate someone you think has been particularly valuable for the project; he or she need not be a developer! This cycle, like the first one last year, is important. is ten this year and the eyes of the world are looking upon us with eagerness to see how we work with business, government, education, and individuals. Your voice, your input, your experience is needed to take OOo into its next decade.

The rules for the process are detailed in a wiki on the subject.[0] I won't bore you by repeating them here; please visit the wiki page.

Several categories of contributors make up the Council, for a total of ten persons. Those categories cover the breadth of and are detailed below. All but one, the permanent Sun/Oracle representative, are elected by community vote as stipulated in the Election Process Proposal. That seat is held by Stefan Taxhet. The terms of Pavel Janík, Martin Hollmichel and John McCreesh have reached their end and their seats are up for election. On behalf of all, I'd like to thank them for their long and immensely productive contributions to the Council!

The seats open for election include a Native Language Confederation Representative (the seat now held by Pavel), a Code Contributor Representative (Martin) and Product Development Representative (John). Community members only vote for those who will represent the constituency: developers vote for the developer seat, product development for that seat, and so on. You will receive an email informing you of your constituency; this is based on your role in the Project.

Details about the nomination:

The nomination process is normally allotted one week dated from this post; however, the last time we went through this, last year, we were asked to give more time for nominations, and so this time around, we are allowing two weeks for nominations commencing 1 March and ending 15 March at 24:00 UTC. We will be using tried and true technology for the actual voting: the Survey machine, and only Community Members will be allowed to vote. Results will be posted in accordance with the published Election Process Proposal and a copy of this message will also be posted to the wiki at[1] A commissary will help coordinate the election process, and I'll serve in that role. The observers will be Sophie Gautier and Drew Jensen, as with last year's election.

This announcement will be posted to the relevant public lists, as detailed in the Election Process wiki:dev(a), dev(a), discuss(a) as well as dev(a) and project_leads(a)

Again, consider nominating yourself or someone equally interesting. We need energetic contributors who understand the Project and have a sense of its dynamic and potential. The world is changing--we know that-- and to make sure it changes for the better, join us on the Council.



Louis Suarez-Potts, PhD
Community Manager

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