From: Christoph Noack on
Hi all,

the phase "Voting by the Constituency" for the current
Community Council elections starts now. The election process [1]
instructs us to allot two weeks for voting. That period begins now and
will end by July 8th 2010.

The voting for the seat will be done by the corresponding constituency
(see below). We have compiled a list of those who are eligible to vote
and we will invite the members of the constituency by direct mail which
explains how and where to vote.

The wiki page [2] provides further information on the current elections.
Nevertheless, we are going to vote for ...

Product Development Representative

Number of seats: One

Constituency: Category leads, project leads and co-leads of all projects (accepted and incubator) but not from the
native-lang category or l10n project.

Candidates: Andreas Bartel, Thorsten Behrens

If you run into any problems feel free to contact the commissary and
observers listed at [2].

Thank you and enjoy your day!

Christoph (on behalf of the Community Council)


[1] Election Process Bylaw

[2] Election 2010-06

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