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Hi, I've copied below our input on:
since I believe this issue is so important. Feedback greatly appreciated.
Anyone know if this is in the works?

At we have integrated a full FOSS organization in a box
to help FOSS compete with Microsoft across the board. However our
experience is that the lack of an Organization Chart capability in Impress,
and compatibility with the PowerPoint version of this feature, to be the
number one issue holding back wide-spread customer embrace of OpenOffice.
More info:

While Writer and Calc compatibility with MS Office is now very good,
greatly moving it forward as a suite that can interoperate without risk,
Impress compatibility with Powerpoint is much less solid. Business users
of MS Office use PowerPoint a lot, and often create organization charts
with its builtin tool, found under Insert / Picture / Organization Chart.

These organization charts do not come across to Impress - the lines get
reformatted all over the place - and they cannot be edited and sent back to
an MS Office user. (I'd be glad to provide example files, and/or provide
any other examples requested on Impress / PPT compatibility in general.)

The reasons the Powerpoint Org Chart tool is so useful is mainly two-fold:

1. The automated layout capability is an order of magnitude more
convenient than manually creating and then editing a chart in any drawing
package. You can select a branch, and automatically change with one click
the layout of the whole branch or entire chart to right-side, left-side, or
standard layout. All alignment is automatically taken care of. Very useful.

2. You can also select a branch and drag it in entirety to another node
of the org chart, and the entire branch moves with all alignment against
the rest of the chart, and the rest of the chart moved around to make room,
again automatically so everything is equally spaced and aligned.

I don't downplay the effort to replicate this or make it work seamlessly
with a PowerPoint org chart that has been imported. Our input is simply
that both of these - replication and compatibility - are very significant
issues, and addressing them would go a very, very long way to enabling the
majority of users to move from MS Office to OpenOffice without any barrier,
trouble, or risk on the presentation software side. Embrace and replace!

We request that the urgency of this issue be raised and addressed as a
priority issue.

Bill Stewart
Eseri CEO


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