From: "LEONG Thin Yin" on

I have been using DataTable in Excel to collect replication results of
Monte-Carlo simulations. A Monte-Carlo simulation is a spreadsheet model
that contains some cells with Rand and/or Randbetween functions. Even
without any change in input values, if there are any, clicking F9 would
change the output results. By setting up a DataTable with blank cells as
row and column input cells, the results of the simulations can be
collected automatically (without need for macros).

When I try to do the same in Calc using Multiple Operations, all the
collected results are the same. This suggests that Calc does not
recalculate with each change in values in row and column input cells in
Multiple Operations. Or may be, it is too intelligent to detect that
there is really no change in those cell values.

I am using a macro instead in Calc (not needed in Excel) to overcome
this problem. Any idea if there are any "option setting" in Calc that
would allow me to do it the DataTable way. May be, the next version of Calc can be improved for this. Not sure how to feedback
this to the development team.