From: John Kaufmann on
Searching the issues database (on an unrelated problem) prompted a
question about the timestamp format:

- "DDD MMM dd HH:mm:ss yyyy"
(or "WkD MMM dd HH:mm:ss yyyy") -

that is,

Weekday (3 characters)
Month (3 characters)
Day-of-month (2 digits)
Time(Hours (24-hour, 2 digits): minutes (2 digits): seconds (2 digits))
Year (4 digits)

The lack of an overall ordering principle [corresponding to, say, the
most- to least-signficant principle of the "Time" component] often
forces me to think for an extra second in comparing timestamps. I
suspect I am not alone in that reaction, which prompts a question: Can
anyone explain the merit of that format? That is, what is its
functional motivation?


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