From: Stefan.Taxhet on

I think Guy got some good replies on the forwarded message from

It seems (at least) one point mentioned in my earlier messages was not
clear enough.

> * splash screen / about box
> To accommodate that initially these elements will carry only the
> logo, the modified text and the sponsor logo on white
> background. For a new splash we count on an effort run by the OOo
> project.

An earlier "contest/concourse" is described in our Wiki.

It would be great if the marketing project could pick this up, drive the
effort and come to a result even appreciable for our users and


Guy Voets wrote:
> There's a discussion going on on the French discuss site about the
> relation between the OOo Community and the 'new owner', Oracle. The
> discussion arose about the preparation of OOo 3.2.1, the first release
> 'under Oracle'.
> I thought it might be useful to open this up to the English speakers.

> Jean-Baptiste Faure says in a mail from April 10:
> "Those testing the development version OOO320m14 that prefigures the
> next version 3.2.1 have seen changes to the splash screen and the
> Starting center."
> Jean-Baptiste Faure says in a mail from April 12:
> "To synthesize, my questioning is on two levels:
> "- the place of the Community: QA procedures were not respected and
> there is a lack of communication between Hamburg and the Community
> (e.g. unilateral replacement of the start dialogue that the Community
> chose after a contest/concourse). This shows that the Community may
> have become not more than a pretext, a kind of 'FLOSS washing' like we
> say 'green washing'.

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