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Hi all,

Not sure which is the best group for this; feel free to redirect me if I
guess wrong.

Using Writer's Insert Envelope; #10 (9.5 x 4.3 I think it is):

The address on a #10 envelope print comes out about 1 1/4" too low, or
about 1 5/8" from the top edge of the envelope. Both Return and
Recipient's addresses are off the same amount.
Essentially the same procedure with Word works perfectly fine.

Any assitance in clearing this up would be appreciated, even if it's

The mundane details:

Recent MS Word Convert; approx 3 weeks with OOo 2.3.1.
Windows XP Pro, P4, OOo 2.3.1, HP Color Laserjet 2250n printer.
Envelope Feed: Center, Face Up, flap to left

I've found 2 workarounds:

Setup: Envelope must be fed face up, cenetered, long way into printer.
Tray/s are too narrow to contain the width of the envelope. Please note
that using Word, #10 envelopes print fine, so I'm reasonably sure there
is nothing wrong with the printer drivers, etc..
Goal: Dispense with MSOffice for now, MS OS eventually.

1. Create an envelope profile on the printer and choose it. Envelope
prints fine. Rather an annoyance to be changing every time though.

2. When creating the envelope, manually raise the Return/Recipients
address up ~1 1/4", which moves it outside the envelope outline
onscreen, but does cause a correct printout on the envelope. Apparently
the shown outline boundaries are not binding.

I note in the Insert; Envelope dialog that the text can be moved
left or down, but not up. Thus, unless I'm missing something, there is
no way to make it print higher on the envelope, as in near the top edge.

Annoyance? Yes. Bug? don't know; could be cockpit error.

I can provide sample .odt's if it would help any: Just ask.

Thanks in Advance,


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