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Dear OpenOffice,

This question is in regards to text boxes in OpenOffice Writer. I was looking for a way to insert a text box, without going to the Drawing toolbar. The drawing toolbar is not visible on our student's computer in the library lab. Therefore, they search for it under "Insert", which would be a logical place to find this option. However, I do not see it listed there. Possible feature to be added in the future?

Also, most documents assigned at the high school level (and possibly college) require 1" margins. Why are the defaults all set at .79? Another possible future change?

Looking forward to any new editions!

Sincerely yours,

Paula Cline
Library Media Specialist
Genoa Area High School
2980 N. Genoa-Clay Center Rd.
Genoa, Ohio 43430
email: pscline(a)
phone: 419-855-7735 ext.13
fax: 419-855-7739

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