From: Cor Nouws on
Hi everyone,

The results of the elections for the Product Development Representative,
held in June/July are now available.

The results are:
Andreas Bartel 27 Votes
Thorsten Behrens 11 Votes

The observers, Mechtilde Stehmann, Sophie Gautier and Drew Jensen have
all approved and confirmed the results. My thanks to them and to Stefan
Taxhet, who managed the voting apparatus and to Christoph, who took the
main part in organising the elections.

Please join me in welcoming Andreas. I also wish to thank both Andreas
and Thorsten for their willingness to serve on the council.

If you want to know more about the current elections, the underlying
process, or the Community Council - please have a look at:

Finally the request to the project leads, to forward this mail to the
project members that might be interested. Thanks in advance!

Kindest regards,

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Cor Nouws
- ideas/remarks for the community council?

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