From: ethem on
Hi there,

I may have 3 columns in a table or list<name>).
ID - INTeger
Name - String
AgeGt18 Checkbox (true false)

a normal databindercontorl like Gridview/Repeater/Listview/Datalist
displays per row.
But I would like to display 3 columns.
ID Name AgeGt18 ID Name AgeGt18
ID Name AgeGt18
1 Michael True 4 Michael3
True 7 Michael9 True
2 Frans l False 5 Michael1
False 8 Michae14l True
3 Frans l False 6 Michae9l
True 9 Michael99 True

I know datalist has repeat direction etc... but where do you say 3
columns and 50 lines....? so every column can have 50 lines (rows)..
so in face 3 columns per row....