From: Nicolas Ferre on
Guennadi Liakhovetski :
> Another problem I encountered with my framebuffer is the initialisation
> order. You initialise dmaengine per subsys_initcall(), whereas the only
> way to guarantee the order:
> dmaengine
> dma-device driver
> framebuffer
> when they are all linked into the kernel was to switch dmaengine to
> arch_initcall, put the dma driver under subsys_initcall, and the
> framebuffer under a normal module_init / device_initcall.

I did not dig much in this but I feel also that dmaengine is initialized
a bit late : it seems to be initialized after atmel-mci is started.
It works but it seems to me that dmaengine has to be initialized very
early... 2 cents.

Nicolas Ferre

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