From: Shihping on

I try to load dmatest module in linux-2.6.34 on Ubuntu x86_64 Server
system but when I loaded dmatest module, I got
"__dma_request_channel:fall ((null))"  message.
It seems unable to allocate DMA channel.

But I found /proc/dma was registed to cascade mode like # cat /proc/dma

So I thought DMA channel should be registed by DMA controller in ICH
successfully. right?

My plaform use Intel E5100(San Clemente) and ICH9R chipset,there were
2 DMA controller was embedded in ICH9R chip.
Is dmatest module not work with ICH9R ? or some other reason cause this?

Sorry about my poor English, and thanks for your answers and responses

Shihping Chen
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