From: Alan Cox on
> > [alan]
> > >What if you have multiple devices at once one in each
> > state ?
> > >Why is this global ?
> >
> > [pavan]
> > st_gdata required in non-tty calls as well.
> >
> > [pavan]
> > Can't happen, The chip on doing a UART write will either
> > write whole of BT data or whole of FM, so it can't be in
> > multiple states.

What if you have two chips ?

> > st_gdata not in tty priv data or ldisc_data because there
> > are entry points like st_register/unregister which are
> > EXPORTed requires it.

We need to fix that I think so there is some kind of context that is per

> > If the rest seems fine, please consider it for staging,
> > Will keep reworking on it.

I'm happy with it going that way and that means I can then send patches
and suggestions to clean it up bit by bit.
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