From: Javed on
On Jun 5, 3:59 am, ker_01 <ke...(a)> wrote:
> To add to the other replies;
> If your data /includes/ single quotes, in addition to the first one in the
> cell, then you probably don't want to a full search/replace, but just get rid
> of the first quote.
> Consider creating an additional column (general format), and use a formula
> like:
> Raw data in A1, this formula in B1 as an example
> =right(A1, len(A1)-1)
> That should give you everything except that first character. Then
> copy/pastespecial/values, and then delete the original column, leaving you
> with only the adjusted data in your new column.
> HTH,
> Keith
> "BlackBayou" wrote:
> > Downloaded list looks like this:
> > 'Z1753
> > 'Z2857
> > 'Z11288 etc
> > I need to remove the quotes in order to lookup values from a list that does
> > not have the quotes.  Simple next>next>finish does not work, neither does
> > find>' or find>space- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

None of the above method will work because the single quote is not
charecter but is is used as prefix charecter to denote that the cell
contains a txt value.It is not part of cell contents.

Very simple method is there.Just copy the entire range in Notepad.All
single quote will be out.Then again copy paste it in previous range.

But if it is not single quote every other method will work.