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i have worked out some code to send a link to a spreadsheet to my
manager to get his signature. I placed a command button in that
spreadsheet to automate the signing process for him. the problem i am
having though, is if s/he opens the spreadsheet from the link in the
email, the file opens, but macros are disabled. if the manager goes
out and opens the file from its network location it does fine and the
command button works. I am sure this has to do with security issues
in outlook, but maybe there is a way to work it out.

Thanks for your help.

From: joel on

Often comapnies ahave firewall software that disable macro in
workbooks. the method I often use is to change the extension on the
file before sending the workbook. Instead of xls use slx and tell the
person whjo recieves the file to rename the file. Zipping the file
before sending it "sometimes" gets through depedning how suffisticated
the gateway software is. Recently one of my macros was detected as a
virus. I was using one of chip Pearson techniques for modifying macros
using VBA and had to zip the file to get the person to receive the file

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