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"Shenan Stanley" wrote:

> jaderoses wrote:
> > can't get updates on my Vista. Any one got a cure?
> Not much information from your end. Do you have more?
> You can obtain and supply the edition and version information:
> Start button --> RUN
> (no "RUN"? Press the "Windows Key" + R on your keyboard)
> --> type in:
> winver
> --> Click OK.
> The picture at the top of the window that opens will give you the general
> (Operating System name and edition) while the line starting with the word
> "version" will give you the rest of the story. Post _both_ in response
> to this message verbatim. No paraphrasing - instead - ensure
> character-for-character copying.
> What version of Internet Explorer are you currently using? Easy to find
> out. Open Internet Explorer and while that is in-focus, press and hold
> the "ALT" key on your keyboard. With the "ALT" key still pressed, press
> (just once, no holding) the "H" key. Now, with the "ALT" key still
> pressed, press (just once, no holding) the "A" key. That will bring up
> the "About Internet Explorer" window. It will give you the exact version
> you are using - repeat what you see there in response to this message.
> How to determine whether a computer is running a 32-bit version or
> 64-bit version of the Windows operating system
> All that can be important in solving your specific issues.
> Since I do not yet have this information from you, I can only suggest
> some basic stuff and some stuff with caveats that you will have to
> determine (based off the information you collect and share using the
> above methods) which you need/should/could do.

Here is my (vistamista) info:

winver didn't work for me so i copied the following from the basic info
about your computer page

Windows Vista Home Premium
Copyright 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Service Pack 1

IE info is:
Version: 8.0.6001.18813

My computer is running a 32-bit version

Using Norton antivirus - but it's having probs too

Have tried deleting the update history from Windows Update...didn't fix
Ran MalwareBytes and found nothing.
Tried the Windows Vista CHKDSK but don't think it ran even with a full
Also tried the Microsoft Fix It and it didn't seem to finish downloading.
Have already defraged lately.
Tried to reset Windows Update, it couldn't complete.

Downloading some spyware software and checking that now.

Any info would be helpful. Thanks.