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I am trying to build python a cross platform python executable builder
to deploy python app. I tried various tools such as py2exe,
pyinstaller, cx_freeze but some how they are not upto the mark except
py2exe. Unfortunately py2exe is working only on windows based systems.

The task is divide into 3 steps:
1. Collect all the modules(.pyo, .pyd, .dll, etc) required for your
2. set up temporary environment for python
3. run using :python.exe

Initially I won't be creating an executable using I would be
using shell scripting to execute the

Q1. Which is most efficient way to fine all the modules required by
your "".
Q2. For example, I have copied all the modules in "d:\project\lib\*.*"
python.exe, python.dll, ms*.dll, are copied to "d:
Before executing "python.exe", I have to set up an
environment var and point it to "d:\project\lib", so
that python.exe can find the path for searching/loading
modules. How do I do that?
Q3. How do you convert your "" into an executable?