From: Dan Carpenter on
On Thu, Jun 03, 2010 at 02:45:36PM +0200, Dan Carpenter wrote:
> The heuristic I use is that if we return a variable which is the
> return value of copy_to_user() and it's non-zero then complain. It
> didn't find the f_getown_ex() because that return value could come from
> copy_to_user() or it could be -EINVAL.
> I'll mess with it a bit and see if I can make it catch the f_getown_ex()
> bug.

I changed the heuristic to complain if we return a non-zero return from
copy_to_user() and the minimum possible value of the return is not zero.

ret = copy_to_user();
if (ret)
return ret; // <- Complain. The minimum value is 1.


if (!foo)
ret = -ENOMEM;
if (!ret)
ret = copy_to_user();
return ret; // <- Complain. The minimum value is -ENOMEM.

This seems to work pretty well. I've fixed all the bugs this found and
I've pushed the check to the smatch repo.

dan carpenter
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