From: Valeria on
Now you have really made my day. I was losing sleep on this issue and by
inserting what you said in my code (no I did not do it by hand - over 3000
comments!!!) it worked so beautifully.

sha.Cells(k, 7).Comment.Shape.Placement = xlMove

Many, many thanks!

"zxcv" wrote:

> On May 5, 7:59 am, Valeria <Vale...(a)> wrote:
> > Dear experts,
> > I am trying to post this again as I haven't solved my issue yet.
> > I have a long spreadsheet (3000 rows) with columns where many cells contain
> > comments. This causes the spreadsheet to give this warning message "fixed
> > objects will move" whenever I try to autofilter.... and I need to hit escape
> > hundred times to get rid of this message.
> > Can you imagine how bad this can be when the users are going to have to use
> > this and autofilter items in the spredasheet!
> >
> > Can you please help me? Any hint is precious. I have already tried the hint
> > from the previous post to use Displayalerts=false triiggered by the
> > autofilter (I have used the worksheet_calculation event on a subtotal)
> > however this gets triggered AFTER the messages are dispayed.
> >
> > Many thanks in advance!
> > Best regards
> > --
> > Valeria
> I haven't seen your exact issue but I have seen similar effects with
> comments. What you can try is to set the properties for the
> comments. Right click on the edge of a comment->Format comment-
> >Properties->select Move but don't size with cells.
> Sorry but I think you will have to do this for all of your comments.
> .