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A 'scroll table' ( tabletable
row runs horizontally in a line across a table tabletable and is
normally made up of several boxes with information 'rows table'
( When you draw a table
tabletable on a piece of paper, you are creating columns and rows
rowsrows. Each horizontal line of boxes is a different table tabletable
row. Often, the row at the top of the 'web grid'
( is used to create headers, which
tell the reader what information can be found in the boxes below it,
also known as the column. For example, the first three boxes in the
first row of a table tabletable in a teacher�s attendance book might
read "Student's Name," "Present," and "Absent."

Table rows are commonly used in HTML to create tables and to format a
web page. The HTML tag for a 'grid data'
( is . Within each row, the tag
must be added for each new box the user wants to create in that row. A
new table row must be created to move down to the next line 'sorting
table' ( and start a set of
boxes below the first. This example shows a table with three table rows
and three table columns.