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I need help. I am trying to follow examples from a book "Python
Scripting for Computational Science" and the examples are all plotted
using Gnuplot. When I run the programs I get error saying "importerror
Gnuplot module missing".

I have installed Gnuplot in C:\My Programs\gnuplot directory (running
on WinME). I have installed python 2.5 and Gnuplot 4.2. I have also
installed Gnuplot-py-1.8 in Python's site-packages.

All paths are correctly set as I can see from sys.path argument i.e.,
path for gnuplot is set and so also the python path and scripting path
which is where book examples reside. Many examples did run well until
it came down to plotting...

I also ran 'python' from Gnuplot-py-1.8 directory and
strangely it runs and then asks me to press return to see result. The
screen then freezes and the computer hangs. I have to reboot it again.
Some one suggested in the old archives that I should change in the
utils the code

import Gnuplot,utils to
import utils
from _Gnuplot import Gnuplot

I have tried it but same result. Window freezes and my "C:\Windows\ "
directory gets filled with fff #...tmp files. I have no idea what are

My other attempts:
1. Is there an issue how one names the directory - gnuplot versus
Gnuplot etc...
2. I have done things like >>> from numpy import oldnumeric. And the
test runs fine.
3. "python" install for installing Gnuplot-py-1.8 also ran
4. I could from "\gnuplot\bin" directory open wgnuplot and in the
Gnuplot window could plot sinx/x.
5. I also have a pgnuplot application
6. Is the gnuplot version incompatible with Python 2.5 and its
associated older numpy versions..

I have seen several similar "missing Gnuplot" reports in the archive
but did not find any resolution to those. I will appreciate any help,

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