From: Nick Raptis on
Hi Richard!
> I have downloaded iptcinfo and placed it in python27\Lib\site-packages
> \iptcinfo
> I guessed that was the right place, because that is where PIL ended
> up, but that had a fancy installer with it.
You did place it in the right path, but the "fancy installer" does one
more thing, it registers the package into the python-path, so python can
get to it.
I've long switched from windows unfortunately and can't remember the way
it does this though, so you can do it manually.

Have some good news though: I looked in the IPTCinfo package and it does
indeed include a, which is a standard way of installing python
All you need to do is unpack the package to any folder and run install
from that folder, which should take care of everything for you.

Some documentation on installing packages for you to read: