From: James Cloos on
>>>>> "Paul" == Paul E McKenney <paulmck(a)> writes:

Paul> Agreed! The "-dirty" modifier for the case of changes not yet
Paul> checked into git looks especially helpful.

JimC> Except that the script calls »git update-index --refresh --unmerged«
JimC> and »git diff-index --name-only HEAD«, both of which are painfully
JimC> slow and resource intensive.

JimC> I'd hate to have that run every time I make a kernel.

Paul> Good point... Should we have an environment variable that controls
Paul> this behavior?

I wouldn't mind the intial idea: just the abbreviated top of three hash.

I was, next, going to write that CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO already exists
for that, but LOCALVERSION_AUTO calls scripts/setlocalversion these days
and that is what I'd prefer to avoid. [SIGH]

Shows how long it has been since I last used it. I stopped using it
when I was maintaining my .config in git. Now I maintain .config in a
separate git repo, for the express purpose of avoiding a merge (rather
than a fast forward) when I run git pull. Something that a local edit
of scripts/setlocalversion will, of course, prevent.


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