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(as I got no feedback from my first post on Jan 19, here a re-post)

I just had a kernel oops (but system didn't crash). I created an ext4

mkfs.ext4 -L saturnwork -O extent,uninit_bg -E lazy_itable_init

and then mounted it with

mount /dev/sdc3 /1/disks/work/ -o

then a remount:

mount -o remount,relatime /1/disks/work/

The disk is SATA and was hot-plugged before, and contained an old linux
reiserfs. I attach the full dmesg log for review. You can contact me
personally, I'm not on this list.

The kernel is from openSUSE 11.2, but vanilla, as with the "desktop"
kernel from openSUSE 11.2 my system crashed a lot (hardware seems OK,
running memtest for 14 hours showed no problems. Also no problems since
I use the vanilla kernel, except this ext4 problem now).

Problem seems SMP related, hardware is a quad-core AMD Phenom.

After that oops, I couldn't unmount the device anymore, had to reboot
the machine.

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