From: Robin Steven on

I am hacking TPS65930 codec driver for my OMAP3 based board, start at
git tag v2.6.31.
I can not find option to build the twl4030 codec driver
(CONFIG_SND_SOC_TWL4030) in menuconfig interface,
after I set the CONFIG_SND_SOC as "M", the CONFIG_SND_SOC_TWL4030 will
be set as module automatically.
while I run `make uImage && make modules`, build process arise error:

ERROR: "omap_ctrl_writel" [sound/soc/omap/snd-soc-omap-mcbsp.ko] undefined!
ERROR: "omap_ctrl_readl" [sound/soc/omap/snd-soc-omap-mcbsp.ko] undefined!

It's a bug?

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