From: Stephen Rothwell on
Hi Richard,

After merging the final tree, today's linux-next build (powerpc
allyesconfig) failed like this:

drivers/leds/leds-net5501.c:20:23: error: asm/geode.h: No such file or directory
drivers/leds/leds-net5501.c: In function 'soekris_init':
drivers/leds/leds-net5501.c:63: error: implicit declaration of function 'is_geode'

Caused by commit 14e40f644b020d473415342461b7c62e3bb5e312 ("leds: Add LED
driver for the Soekris net5501 board"). Presumably only tested on x86?

drivers/leds/leds-gpio.c: In function 'of_gpio_leds_probe':
drivers/leds/leds-gpio.c:253: error: 'struct gpio_led' has no member named 'blinking'

Caused by commit 2146325df2c2640059a9e064890c30c6e259b458 ("leds:
leds-gpio: Change blink_set callback to be able to turn off blinking").

I have used the version of the leds tree from next-20100526 for today.
Stephen Rothwell sfr(a)