From: Rusty Russell on
On Fri, 4 Jun 2010 02:19:33 pm Stephen Rothwell wrote:
> Hi Rusty,
> After merging the final tree, today's linux-next build (powerpc
> ppc44x_defconfig) failed like this:
> kernel/module.c: In function 'post_relocation':
> kernel/module.c:2526: error: 'struct module' has no member named 'percpu_size'
> Caused by commit fc77407bc287ed250f9355fda435df5f78b45885 ("module:
> simplify per-cpu handling a little").
> This build has CONFIG_SMP not set

Actually, I think that cleanup is broken. If someone were to have relocations
inside their per-cpu area, the relocation code would smash something random.

So, a doubly bad idea. I've dropped the commit.

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