From: Stephen Rothwell on
Hi Jens,

Today's linux-next merge of the block tree got a conflict in
fs/9p/vfs_super.c between commit 0b2d973241f9bdbc8ed62caec42543e00ae6bd1e
("9p: VFS switches for 9p2000.L: VFS switches") from the v9fs tree and
commit 0ed07ddb56d1348e5ce33f3b8de20d730351983a ("9p: add bdi backing to
mount session") from the block tree.

Just context changes. I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the
fix as necessary.
Stephen Rothwell sfr(a)

diff --cc fs/9p/vfs_super.c
index 7c94cb0,806da5d..0000000
--- a/fs/9p/vfs_super.c
+++ b/fs/9p/vfs_super.c
@@@ -77,10 -76,8 +77,11 @@@ v9fs_fill_super(struct super_block *sb
sb->s_blocksize_bits = fls(v9ses->maxdata - 1);
sb->s_blocksize = 1 << sb->s_blocksize_bits;
sb->s_magic = V9FS_MAGIC;
- sb->s_op = &v9fs_super_ops;
+ if (v9fs_proto_dotl(v9ses))
+ sb->s_op = &v9fs_super_ops_dotl;
+ else
+ sb->s_op = &v9fs_super_ops;
+ sb->s_bdi = &v9ses->bdi;

sb->s_flags = flags | MS_ACTIVE | MS_SYNCHRONOUS | MS_DIRSYNC |
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