From: David Daney on
myuboot(a) wrote:
> I got a link error when compiling 2 loadable kernel modules -
> "endianness incompatible with that of the selected emulation".
> But both kernel and the kernel modules of error are in big endian. I
> don't know what I should check or fix. Any suggestions? I checked the
> endianess of the kernel by checking the elf header of vmlinux file, is
> that the right way to do it?
> Below are the error info and the readelf output, showing both the kernel
> and a kernel module are in big endian.
> Thanks for your help. Andrew
> 1) error log
> make -C /home/root123/sources/kernel/linux
> CROSS_COMPILE=""/home/root123/sources/gcc3.4.3-be"/bin/mips-linux-"
> M=/home/root123/sources/sdk/platform/src/linux/mxp/src modules
> LD [M] /home/root123/sources/sdk/platform/src/linux/mxp/src/mxpmod.o
> /home/root123/sources/gcc3.4.3-be/bin/mips-linux-ld:
> /home/root123/sources/sdk/platform/src/linux/mxp/src/mmxpcore.o:
> compiled for a big endian system and target is little endian
> /home/root123/sources/gcc3.4.3-be/bin/mips-linux-ld:
> /home/root123/sources/sdk/platform/src/linux/mxp/src/mmxpcore.o:
> endianness incompatible with that of the selected emulation
> /home/root123/sources/gcc3.4.3-be/bin/mips-linux-ld: failed to merge
> target specific data of file
> /home/root123/sources/sdk/platform/src/linux/mxp/src/mmxpcore.o
> make[13]: ***
> [/home/root123/sources/sdk/platform/src/linux/mxp/src/mxpmod.o] Error 1

Looks like a toolchain bug/configuration-problem. Hard to tell though
as you didn't pass 'V=1' on the make invocation line.

David Daney
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