From: Antti Palosaari on
On 01/22/2010 05:10 PM, Jiri Slaby wrote:
> Add af9015_setup structure to hold (right now only remote) setup
> of distinct receivers.
> Add af9015_setup_match for matching ids against tables.
> This is for easier matching different kind of ids against tables
> to obtain setups. Currently module parameters and usb vendor ids
> are switched into and matched against tables. Hashes will follow.
> Signed-off-by: Jiri Slaby<jslaby(a)>
> Cc: Antti Palosaari<crope(a)>
> Cc: Mauro Carvalho Chehab<mchehab(a)>
> Cc: linux-media(a)
> ---
> drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/af9015.c | 222 ++++++++++++++---------------------
> 1 files changed, 89 insertions(+), 133 deletions(-)

Acked-by: Antti Palosaari <crope(a)>
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