From: Gelonida on
Hi lkcl,

Do you have any documentation or overview for your project?

Questions I would be interested in:
- List of features already working
- list of features under development
- list of features being in in the near future

lkcl wrote:
> for several reasons, i'm doing a cooperative multi-tasking HTTP
> server:
> git clone git://
> there probably exist perfectly good web frameworks that are capable of
> doing this sort of thing: i feel certain that twisted is one of them.
> however, the original author of rtmplite decided to rip twisted out
> and to use and i'm one of those strange people that also
> likes the idea of using 900 lines of awesome elegant code rather than
> tens of thousands of constantly-moving-target.
> one of the things that's slightly unfortunate is that i'm going to
> have to copy and slightly modify it;
> as well. this is Generally Bad Practice.
> can anyone think of a way of monkey-patching or otherwise using
> SimpleHTTPRequestHandler and CGIHTTPRequestHandler and overriding the
> base class from which those two are derived?
> i have had to pull bits out of BaseHTTPRequestHandler to make them use
> the "yield" logic of already, which was painful enough.
> ideas, anyone?
> l.