From: ToddAndMargo on
Hi All,


I have a customer whose compute will randomly freeze up on
him after ~ 1-1/2 hour of operation, for no particular reason.
And, usually when he is away from it.

Here is what I have done to trouble shoot:

1) screen saver = none

2) power mode = always on

3) ran for five solid days without a problem on
Fedora Live CD (Linux) without a freeze up. If
you are unfamiliar with Fedora Live CD:

a) it does not use the hard drive

b) although is does use RAM, it masks off
bad memory as a phony process. (Unlike
Windows that just corrupts or crashes.)
User's memory is non-ECC.

4) ran "chkdsk c: /r", answered "y" and rebooted. Chkdsk
never ran and the computer reboot as normal.

So, here is what I am thinking, the problem is isolated to

1) memory
2) hard drive (physical)
3) contents of the hard drive (Windows)

I think the big clue here is that is can not run chkdsk.
Hmmmm. What would keep chkdsk from running?

Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Many thanks,