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please i need help
i have a report must be done like this
list of projects
yasser 8% - 0% - 4% - 3%- .........ect
hany 2% - 1% - 1% - 0% - etc
nour 0% - 5% - 0%- 20% -------etc
what i need is to do this with crosstab query
i have two tables which the data is taken from
table 1 is named : emp which inclode the departments for employees and the
names and idnumbers of the employees
table 2 is named : Employee Weekly Hours which store all the tasks and
hours for all employee's by there idnumbers (child linked)
i need to make crosstab query which can get all the names of employee's from
table1 and all Tasks and projects from table 2 and sum of regular hours and
overtime by each departments name and for each month
the problem is if i do this by crosstab and run the query it gives me all
the projects and all employees and that is correct
but if the projects for the next month is different or has been added to
projects tables i wont be able to view in the crosstab query or report
so what i need is to let the crosstab changes by the projects changes to be
updated as tables says.
can i have help with this
also i need to make two parameter in the crosstab query one for the dates
other for the departments which will take the values from unbound form
startdate and enddate for parameter one and departements for combo in the
form and output values to report which shows the status of the crosstab by
different departments and projects
please please help me quickly
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