From: Tim Golden on
On 10/03/2010 12:09, Alex Hall wrote:
> I am honestly a bit lost as to why keys.append() is not a good choice
> here, but I have it working.

That's ok; it's just not clear from the context why you have a list
of dicts but your comment about different modes explains that.

> I apparently have to use the ascii for
> capital letters if I am capturing the shift modifier, not the
> lowercase ascii. Using 67 instead of 99 works as expected.

That's probably because the os is "preprocessing" the keystroke so
that shift-a returns "A" and not "a". You might find that you don't
even *need* the shift modifier in those circs.

If I get the time this pm, I'll try to put together some example
code which runs to more than 10 items in a dict just in case there
is some bizarre cornercase which is causing a problem but I honestly
doubt it.