From: Zach Moazeni on
On Apr 15, 2010, at 1:31 PM, Robert Dober wrote:
> I agree with most you say, but I took the habit to inherit from
> RuntimeError rather than StandardError a long time ago. AAMOF I forgot
> why? Does someone here recall the rationale?

I'd be interested in hearing the rationale too. I actually forget my argument for using StandardError, I only remember running into issues (that I also don't remember) doing

class MyError < Exception

I've seen smarter devs than me using StandardError, so I've been in mostly emulation mode :)

Zach Moazeni

From: Jonathan Nielsen on
The problem (IIRC) with extending from Exception instead of
StandardError is that a plain 'rescue' statement will not catch bare
Exceptions, it catches StandardError (or is it RuntimeError?) by
default. To catch Exception (or descended classes), you need to
specify 'rescue Exception'. But it's a bit easier just to extend from
StandardError or RuntimeError, both of which are caught by a bare
rescue statement.

-Jonathan Nielsen