From: Oleg Nesterov on
On 06/20, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Reorganize proc_get_sb so it can be called before the struct pid
> of the first process is allocated.

This is what

[PATCH 1/4] procfs: proc_get_sb: consolidate/cleanup root_inode->pid logic
[PATCH 2/4] procfs: kill the global proc_mnt variable

do. But,

> @@ -96,6 +97,9 @@ static struct pid_namespace *create_pid_namespace(struct pid_namespace *parent_p
> for (i = 1; i < PIDMAP_ENTRIES; i++)
> atomic_set(&ns->pidmap[i].nr_free, BITS_PER_PAGE);
> + if (pid_ns_prepare_proc(ns))
> + goto out_free_map;
> +
> return ns;

Afaics, this is wrong.

If pid_ns_prepare_proc() fails we shouldn't blindly return ENOMEM
and, more importantly, we need put_pid_ns(parent_ns).


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