From: Noel Jones on
On 5/11/2010 1:48 PM, Phil Howard wrote:
> I've been exploring, both on my mail-server-to-be, and on the Dovecot
> mailing list, just why it is that the Dovecot deliver program is leaving
> the domain string empty when formulating the mail location path. The
> answer I'm getting now on that list is that it is a Postfix problem and
> that I should ask on THIS list?
> Does that make any sense to anyone here? Just wondering if anyone here
> has done Postfix+Dovecot and made it work ... and better yet, documented
> how to make the two talk to each other. What I have so far has (in one
> incarnation) gotten mail successfully delivered. But the path as
> defined in Dovecot's mail_location = configuration which had %d in there
> to fill in the recipient domain name as part of the path, got an empty
> string there, even though the domain name was passed along by Postfix.
> I'm not sure what role Postfix would have in that. But maybe a sanity
> check is in order (and this is making me start to go insane).
> I've attached outputs from "dovecot -n", "postconf -n", and
> "postfinger", with redactions to obscure domain names and IP addresses.

The domain name is not included in local delivery. You have a
bunch of domains for local delivery listed in mydestination.

Seems to me that if you want the domain name to be part of
delivery, the domain should be defined as a
virtual_mailbox_domain and not listed in mydestination.

-- Noel Jones